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Bookings cannot be made by telephone or directly at a VIA station. This is not the case though Lisa. What it says is that you buy the ticket online, then when you pick the ticket up at the station, you cannot use the automated kiosk to get your actual ticket — you have to surrender the actual coupon to the agent in order for them to print the ticket. This is the way I read this offer. Tammy and Marissa to answer your question.. If you go to Walmart or other store and buy a bottle of Sunlight Laundry detergent ,well on the bottle is a booklet the coupon is in the booklet along with other coupons..

Also there is a form you can get at same stores and fill out and mail ton the company they will send you the coupon booklet.. I got my friend booked online and it worked perfectly fine. But now it seems that he would have to surrender some Sunlight coupon?

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I wonder where one would get such a coupon? He is going to give it a try and see if he can get by without some silly coupon. Otherwise, I would make a trip to Sobeys and see if they have Sunlight detergent liquid and if it came with a coupon.

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So, have some update on this guys. I had to buy a Sunlight HE detergent liquid and that has the coupon book including a 40 dollars off 2 night stay at a Mariott Canada. You have to present the coupon to the ticket agent to get the discounted fare. We usually book on Comfort Supersaver and the same trip was aprox. So with the coupon and the purchase of the sunlight — no savings!

Difference is that if we would have to change or cancel our trip we have the protection to do so. Thanks for posting this though — at least we have that extra protection because you never know….

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I tried to use the coupon and the VIA agent insisted that I needed to surrender a coupon. As a result, he made a note in my file that I would have to pay the full ticket price for now, and get a refund for the difference later when I come back with the coupon. Booked my tickets online and used the code, had to choose Discounted Fare over Supersaver Fare though but it still worked out cheaper. This coupon will not apply to already reduced fares such as the Comfort Supersaver, Comfort Discounted or Comfort Special fares.

Please note, we offer four fare plans in Comfort class economy : Comfort — Regular fare, Comfort — Discounted fare, Comfort — Supersaver fare and Comfort — Special fare. There is absolutely no difference in class of service between Comfort — Regular fare, Comfort — Discounted fare, Comfort — Supersaver fare and Comfort — Special fare except for the price. Comfort — Discounted fare, Comfort — Supersaver fare and Comfort — Special fare are fare plans with an advance purchase discounted fare purchase at least 3 days in advance for Comfort — Discounted and Comfort — Supersaver, purchase at least 7 days in advance for Comfort — Special with limited availability and subject to service charges for cancellation or exchange.

Just booked a Jasper to Vancouver trip. The discount field does not appear until late in the booking process.

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You can leave the second field that pops up blank. Thanks to whoever posted the discount code I have used them before and have saved over a few hundred bucks now going from Kingston to Toronto. I followed all their instructions — booked comfort adult regular fare only — put in the code and it reduced the base fare from to What I did is that, instead of going to the link shown above, I entered the desired trip on the VIA website then choosed a regular economy couch.

Keyed in the discount code after the price page appeared. In my circumstance, sacrificing the flexibility for saving big money is worth a try! Only after I booked my ticket online with Via Rail, do I find out that I have to get an original Sunlight coupon, which is nowwhere to be found! What a scam! Now I have to pay full price on my ticket! This should be reported to someone like Consumer Affairs for misleading the Consumer!! Very very unfair! The lady at sunlight advised me that I could do the following to obtain a coupon: 1.

Purchase 2 x or 3x sunlight laundry detergent 2. She said it would take them 4 — 6 weeks to process this. I purchased the detergent. I tried to use it. What a scam. Do anyone knows where i can report this? I have the coupon I bought the detergent — bad action, it was 10 dollar. I will send a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope, then all you would need to do is stick the coupon in it and mail it back to me.

I would just need to receive it by Thursday, February 25th. Some of you people cannot read, or are not very smart!

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This is a printed coupon that clearly tells where to go to get the conditions. NOT the senior, or youth or child fare. It tells you exactly what you get, and if you check that, you get exactly that. Secondly, the conditions clearly state you need to bring the coupon with you to the station to get the discount when the pick up the tickets. No questions and no confusion there.

So VIA and Sunlight are scamming anyone. Geez people. They even give you the booking instructions. Imagine my surprise when I went into the station for a quote with this coupon and I was informed that it was for regular fare on Economy ONLY. Nowhere on the coupon does it say that at all. For shame Sunlight! I used it as directed.

My child travelled free with my paid fare. I was very happy with it — but you have to read the offer carefully. I would never book anything without reading it first. The offer cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion and does not apply to the purchase of rail passes. Other restrictions apply. Bookings must be made between January 1, and April 30, The discount cannot be combined with Express Deals, with promotional fares requiring a discount code, with multi-trip products such as Canrailpass-System, Canrailpass-Corridor, BizPak, VIA 6 Pak or Commuter ePass or with any other promotion, offer, discount or fare whose conditions specify that it cannot be combined with any other discount.

Reservations for Escape fare must be made at least 5 days in advance of the trip for the discount to apply. Some restrictions apply. See details on the VIA Rail website. The offer is valid for CAA-Quebec members in good standing.

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